"No bag, please". Such a simple sentence has a great impact.

Our bags are perfect for produce like eggs, fruits and veggies, seeds, and grains. They also work for everyday uses in the house, gym, and travel.

They store and wash easily.

Coral, Wine, Pink or Polka dots
$2.50 USD each


Approximate size: 30x24cm

Bag weight: 10gr

Will hold up to: 4.5 kilos

Material: elastic mesh, yellow chord

Purple, Orange
$3.50 USD each


Approximate size: 39x28cm

Bag weight: 14gr

Will hold up to: 6.5 kilos

Material: elastic mesh, yellow chord

Mint, Red
$5.50 USD each


Approximate size: 42x35cm

Bag weight: 17gr

Will hold up to: 7.5 kilos

Material: mesh elástico, cordón amarillo

3-Pack Mix+Match
$11.50 USD

Assorted colors


Material: elastic mesh, yellow chord

Mini, Mint or Wine
$1.50 USD


Approximate size: 18x13cm

Material: elastic mesh, yellow chord

Straw bag (for your straws)
$1.50 USD


Color vary each season

Approximate size: 26x4cm

Material: elastic mesh, yellow chord

Limited Edition Seasonal Colors

Medium stripes $3.50

Mini spots $1.50

  • Multi - purpose
  • Light, won't add much weight to your purchase
  • Easy to wash and dry (an initial wash is recommended before using your bag with food and wet products)
  • Attractive
  • Sewn with "overlock" stictch, making them very resistant
  • Material's nature prevents microorganisms to develop easily