10% of our profits go towards marine conservation
Using less plastic bags is a simple habit that makes you feel good and contributes to ecological awareness.

Fruit Fly was founded by two friends who shared their love for design, nature and food. They saw the need for attractive, multipurpose bags that allowed all people to make a difference easily.

- We are a Mexican-American company
- Our bags are made by Mexican women in Mexico
- 10% of the profits go to environmental education projects and marine conservation
- We maintain social values ​​and fair salaries

Our vision is to reduce the unnecessary consumption of plastics in all areas of life through conscious decision.

Our mission is to provide high quality reusable bags as the best, practical, accessible and aesthetic option to help set new consumption habits.

We have come together to create a useful product that we use on a daily basis. It is a good first step for anyone who wants to become aware of the relationship we have with plastic.

Each person on average uses 6 plastic bags per week, 24 per month, 288 per year, for an average of 12 minutes: from the store to your home, and only 1% is recycled.